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Rehabilitation Services

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1500 14th St W, Ste 350
Williston, ND 58801


The following are some of the services we provide:


Adaptive Equipment Selection/Training

Aerobic Capacity/Endurance Testing and Training

Oral/ Motor/Speech Language Assessment and Training

Balance Assessment, Treatment, Retraining

Biofeedback/ Relaxation Training

Feeding/Swallowing Training/Diet Selection

Flexibility/Range of Motion Assessment and Treatment

Cognitive Training and Assesment

Cold Vasopneumatic Compression

Electric Stimulation/Iontophoresis

Ergonomics/Body Mechanics Training and Assessment

Functional Training in Self-Care/Activities of Daily Living

Functional Training in Work, Community, and Leisure Integration or Reintegration

Gait/Mobility Training

Home Safety and Adaptation Assessment

Integumentary Care and Protection

Low Power Infrared LASER

Lymphedema Assesment and Management

Manual Therapy/Joint and Soft Tissue Mobilization

Neuromotor Development Testing and Activities

Neuromotor and Stroke Testing and Retraining

Pediatric Motor & Sensory Development

Prosthetic Training

Sensory Integration

Splint/Orthotic Fabrication for Hands

Strength Testing/Training

Superficial Heat and Cold

Therapeutic Exercise


Women’s Health
-Prenatal and Postpartum


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Phone number: 701.572.1848
Fax number: 701.572.2476

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