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Leonard P. Nelson Cancer Center

Radiation Therapy

Mercy has identified the need for staying abreast with the current technical advances in radiation therapy.  Mercy has recently added a new 3-D treatment planning system. The 3-Dimensional model of a patient allows our physician to visualize our patient’s internal anatomy so that radiation dosages can be determined while protecting surrounding vital organs. The result is an individualized treatment plan that targets tumors with enhanced accuracy and minimized side effects.

Mercy currently offers External beam radiation therapy and IMRT which is a sophisticated type of External beam.  External Beam Radiation Therapy involves directing a beam of radiation from outside the body that targets the tumor site.  Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy (IMRT) is the most precise and sophisticated form of Radiation therapy available today.  The radiation dose is designed to conform to the 3-D shape of a tumor.  Rather than having one large radiation beam, IMRT focuses multiple pinpoint beams directly on the tumor itself.  This technique results in a higher dose to the tumor while minimizing radiation dose to surrounding normal tissues.

Mercy is currently using IMRT for treatment of prostate cancer.  Proper alignment of the patient is crucial to the success of IMRT.  Therefore, Mercy invested in the B-Mode Acquisition and Targeting System or BAT.  BAT is an advanced ultrasound system that allows us to precisely locate the prostate gland daily prior to radiation treatment, which increases accuracy and lessens patient side effects.

Dr. Grant is a Board Certified Radiation Oncologist, he works along with our Radiation Therapists and Medical Physicist to create and deliver an individual treatment plan for each patient.





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