Newborns at CHI St. Alexius Health - Williston Medical Center
CHI St. Alexius Health - Williston Medical Center gives friends and family members near and far away a chance to view the newest arrival to their family. With parental permission, newborns are posted to the website approximately one week after the newborn is discharged.

You may search by baby or parent’s name. To view all babies born at CHI St. Alexius Health - Williston Medical Center in the last sixty days, leave fields blank and scroll down the list.

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Birth DateNameBorn To
July 21 Jerico Keaton Chanda and Jorah
July 20 Lief Lee Kalissa and Brent
July 20 Gracelynn Briel Mercedez and Ryan
July 19 Rylan Reese Megan and Eddie
July 19 Tilla Totty Ann Stacy and Josh
July 18 Sophia Michele Angie and Jon
July 18 Avenue Cora Camille and Kevin
July 18 Matthew Carl Angel and Mike
July 15 Anthony Marcus Deanna and Anthony
July 15 Asher Reign Alexandria and Beau
July 14 Everly Rose Michelle and Chris
July 14 Kira Noelle Brooke and McHale
July 13 Ida Joellen Catherine and Osarenoma
July 12 Oliver Richard Dearne and Dylan
July 12 Chloe Ann-Elizabeth Laura and Perry
July 10 Aaliyah Brooke Jaylynne and Chance
July 10 Maren Laine Shandi and Trevor
July 9 Norma Valerie Kristin and Christopher
July 8 Saxon Mercedes Michelle and Dylan
July 8 Abigail Marie Renee and Anthony

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