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Mercy Medical Center gives friends and family members near and far away a chance to view the newest arrival to their family. With parental permission, newborns are posted to the website upon discharge. Friday afternoon patient discharges will be posted to the website on the following Monday.

You may search by baby or parent’s name. To view all babies born at Mercy in the last sixty days, leave fields blank and scroll down the list.

Instructions to download your baby's photo.


Birth DateNameBorn To
July 25, 2015 Cobretti Dean Samantha and Evan
July 25, 2015 Bran Alder Chad and Raven
July 24, 2015 Lorenzo Sando Patience
July 23, 2015 Trey Emmett Hugh and Brittni
July 22, 2015 Myrtel Grace Amalia and Marty
July 22, 2015 Iker Yair Carlos and Carolina
July 21, 2015 Cain Liam Laci and Cain
July 20, 2015 Clay Frank Conn Candice and Darwin
July 19, 2015 Kaden Ivan Lauren and Jarrett
July 19, 2015 Preston Wayne Tyler and Jamie
July 17, 2015 Coral Jane Matthew and Carol
July 17, 2015 RoseLynn Ruth Scott and SharNell
July 17, 2015 Jesus Leonardo Yaneth and Jesus
July 15, 2015 Kaseten James Chris and Carah
July 14, 2015 Emma Mae Katy and Derrick
July 13, 2015 Lucas Xavier Juan and Jessica
July 13, 2015 Gretchen Olivia Myles and Stefanie
July 12, 2015 Harper Alison Ryan and Alison
July 11, 2015 Auriella Dale Chantelle and Eric
July 11, 2015 Noah Ace Rainy
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